DISC Psychometric Profiling

Deceptively simple, DISC profiling is like showing someone the mirror! It provides an accurate insight into your natural profile, how do you behave at work and what behavioural changes take place under pressure.
It reveals your strengths and limitations, communication style and motivational requirements. It also tells what kind of environment you prefer to work in whether you are under stress. DISC profiling -
  • Looks at you from four parameters - 
      * Dominance (D), Influencing (I), Steadiness (S) and Compliance (C).
  • Can be used effectively for your development purpose.
  • Administration of the instrument takes hardly ten minutes.
  • Brings out issues like 
    * preferred style and environment, 
    * motivation factors, 
    * role fits and presence of frustration / stress.
our DISC can be the foundattion stone for your development initiatives. In this basic offering, we provide you:
  • Standard Individual Personal Profile Report
You are assured of our personalized services backed by years of experience involving thousands of profiles.