Basic Management Skills of Good Leaders

by Ann Halloran
Management and leadership must go hand in hand. What are the basic management skills that make you an effective leader? While every management style has its pros and cons, there are a few skills you do need regardless of the managerial style.
What are the basic management skills of a good manager or leader? Management and leadership go hand in hand you really cannot have one without the other, but what are the basic skills you need to bring out your leadership qualities? There are many styles of management and each has its pros and cons, but here are a few skills you will need regardless of the style of manager you want to be.


You simply cannot function as a manager or leader without being good at communicating. Even if you are a militant boss, who makes all the decisions with no input from your staff you will still need to communicate with upper management and many times clients. You should be able to clearly communicate to your staff what you expect and communicate with upper management about what you and your staff are doing.


How are you at making decisions? Some managers prefer to leave the bulk of the work to their staff through the guise of delegating, but as the old saying goes the buck stops here and at some point, they must make or approve decisions. If you are a manager who is good at making decisions, you will rise faster in the company and the employees will respect you. There will be times when managers must make crucial decisions on the spot and they had better be good ones. Hands on Approach It is important as a managerial leader that you are involved with the work going on all around. This means being amongst the employees and monitoring the day-to-day running of the business. The truth is this management skill often goes hand in hand with decision making. The more up to date you are on business and who is doing what, the quicker you will be able to make those crucial decisions.


Not all managers are good at team building, and it is possible to be in a leadership role without inspiring those you work with - but you will not be working to your full potential. You are in the lead for a reason; to inspire and guide those who are under your authority to do bigger and better things. When your employees know that you are dedicated to your team they will go above and beyond to please you. Good productivity and a happy workplace leads to a more efficient business and a successful career for you!


An effective manager is knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. If you sit behind a desk all day doing as little as possible, you will likely see high turnover rates in your company. If employees perceive that you don't care about the business, why should they? Besides, it will not take your manager long to see that you are listless in your duties and find someone to replace you. Likely replacements will come from the employees stepping up to take your slack.


These are but a few of the basic management skills of a good leader, there are many more and some you will learn along the way. Remember the best managers can delegate authority, inspire loyalty and create productivity in their business. If you do nothing but these three things you will have made a great start.

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