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7 Relaxing Tips for Stress Relief

by Michelle H Smith
With advancement from horses, buggies and telegrams to SUVs, supersonic jets and internet, human productivity has gone up multifold. Simultaneously, stress has increased multi-multifold. Fortunately you have a choice here, like these seven simple and free, yet powerful tips to reduce stress.
Horse & buggies and telegrams - those were the days before the information and technology era. Now we have SUVs, iPhones and so much more to keep us busy and productive. Modern technology has improved our existence right? Or has it?

In today's hectic world, stress levels are higher than ever before. People are dropping like flies from heart attacks and other stress related health problems. Now more than ever, you must be armed with techniques to help you relax. Below is a list of seven techniques to help you relax. Put these into practice any time you need to escape. Most of these relaxation tips are free and will help provide you with stress relief at any time:

  • Deep Breathing Technique - With your hand on your abdomen, breathe in and out through your nose and mouth respectively. Repeat several times and feel the melt away
  • Positive Visualization - Close your eyes for approximately 5 minutes and let your mind take you to a peaceful place or a happy moment (ex: a child's birth, a vacation) Reside there for a few moments in time.
  • Take A Cat Nap - Checking out" for a few is a great way to relax and unwind. Find a quiet place to cat nap for 10-15 minutes. You may not fall asleep but the simple act of resting your eyes will help relax you
  • Give Yourself a Massage - This may sound odd but there are certain reflex points on your hands and feet that will promote relaxation when massaged.
  • Aromatherapy - Diffuse essential oils a.k.a aroma oils (ex: lavender, marjoram, lemon) into the air or apply directly to your body (some aroma oils may need to be dissolved with a carrier oil) and unwind with calming scents
  • Do Muscle Stretches - Stretching exercises for the neck, back, feet and legs help work out stress tense, muscles
  • Tub Soak - Fill your tub with very warm water and just soak. Add Epsom Salt or essential oils to the water to. Combine positive visualization for an even more relaxing experience

Practice one or more of these seven relaxing tips for stress relief any time you are feeling out of sorts. There's no need to stay all wound up. Technology may be moving at the speed of light but you don't have to. Escape to your own little world and relax.

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