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Prolong Your Youthful Looks Naturally

by Mark A Cunningham
Ageing is a natural process; but it needs not be distressing one. Keeping yourself looking young and healthy should be your life time commitment. There are no short cuts; but it is certainly something well within your control. Find out, how...

Many people consider ageing as one of the most distressing aspects of their life. Although nothing can be done to avoid the inevitable, you can, however take advantage of some simple rules to prolong your youthful appearance.

Smiling and frowning are unavoidable, you've probably heard that reducing your facial expressions can help reduce wrinkles and ageing, however there is no real proof of this! How many people could, or would, volunteer for the next 20 to 30 years of their lives to not frown or smile?

Your skin will get thinner as you age especially around the eyes it is something we have to live with. Botox and filling creams can give the appearance that wrinkles are reduced to the beholder, not many people will care or notice any difference, but its up to you, it's a personal thing.

The battle begins in your earlier years. Smoking is very destructive to your skin appearance; it really does put years on you. You can usually tell a smoker from a none smoker due to the wrinkles around the lips after years of puckering to hold the cigarette. Avoid drugs unless prescribed by your doctor, ageing is a terrible side effect of crystal meth. I was quite shocked at Google images for this horrible addiction! Take a look! can you believe the age of long time users? Sun light is a well known double edged sword, on the one hand you want to look healthy and sun tanned,but on the other you don't want the ageing effect that the sun will have on your face and skin. Try some of the better anti -ageing skin creams, combined with a good sun cream to block the harmful effects of the UV rays. If you want a tan go and get fake tan! Shop around there are many convincing products that will produce good results, experiment in your home!

Here comes an obvious point good diet and lots of fluid over time will revitalise you and keep your skin moisture at a regular level. Toxins from a bad diet will speed up the ageing process!

Good exercise and some health food supplements will do wonders for your psychological age as well as your physical appearance! Nothing extreme, just simply walking daily will suffice, regularly taking the dog for a walk will have good effects. As there is no real proof to facial expression ageing the skin, I would say smiling lines on the face would add to your over all glow and give the appearance of a happy soul rather than some one who never smiles! Follow the advice above and tweak to your own needs, keeping yourself looking young and healthy is a life time commitment there are no short cuts.

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