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How to Write A Good CV Resume: 4 Tips to Keep From Walking Into a Trap

by Suzette Dean
Knowing how to talk yourself up is an essential skill for getting hired, but you have to be sure not to walk into a trap also.Here are 4 tips on how to write a good CV resume without putting your foot in your mouth.
Knowing how to write a good CV resume is an important skill to have, especially with the job market the way it is these days, but what you don't do can be as valuable as what you do. Are you confused yet? What I mean is that knowing how to talk yourself up is an essential skill for getting hired, but you have to be sure not to walk into a trap also.
Here are 4 tips on how to write a good CV resume without putting your foot in your mouth.
  1. Make it Targeted

    It's great you got in there and turned in a resume, and if they're really hiring, they at least you know you were competent enough to know. But show them it was more than blind luck in a widespread resume-handing out spree by targeting the resume specifically to them.

    A lot of would-be employees make one blanket resume that covers all the different companies and positions. Big mistake.

    In how to write a good CV resume, make a different resume for each company you apply to, even if that means nothing more than making a few changes here and there and printing again. Customize as much as possible to the particular company's needs and the specifics of the position in question. Even your skills and experience can be tailored exactly to what they are looking for using some good research.

    Also, try to find out who the hiring manager is so you can address them in your cover letter, and never apply for more than one position or "any position available." Target the ideal position and if they really like you they may suggest starting you in another, but leave that suggestion to them so you don't look like you're at there for any job you can find.

  2. KISS

    You know what they say - keep it simple stupid. Don't go blabbing on about your social life, the names, of all your boyfriends or girlfriends, or your favorite flavor of condom. That's now how to write a good cv resume. The point is they don't need an autobiography - keep it to the information that they need, or to be more precise, the information that they want. Use white space liberally for visual appeal and reading ease, and hit all the main points without overdoing it.

  3. Be Honest

    One way to really put your foot in your mouth is to sit down at the computer to type your resume and start lying your ass off. It's OK to put a good spin on your experiences and to market yourself, but it is never okay to lie, and the chances are that you will be caught out, even if they never make any mention of the fact.

    It is most likely going to come up in the interview or the job. Not a good way to make an impression.

  4. Back Your Claims With Proof

    On a similar note, while in a court of law you might be innocent until proven guilty, it is likely the other way around when it comes to whether or not you can be believed about everything you write in your resume. Employers have seen some bullshitters in their time and take everything with a grain of salt.

    Eliminate doubt by backing all your claims with evidence or, at the very least, with numbers. This is also a great way to make an original cv that stands out and pleads your case in high fashion.
Do you have any stories to share about your you walked yourself into a trap and screwed up your chances of getting hired? We'd love to make fun of you and learn how to write a good cv resume from your mistakes. Please do share.
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