Self Development
The Five Areas of Personal Growth

by T Patrick Phelps
There are different areas of life - Health, Relationships, Financial, Career, Emotional Health, Spirituality etc. Which one of these is more important? May be you know the answer. If not, find out in this article.
Imagine a business that had five departments: Sales, Marketing, Distribution, HR, and Admin. Very typical set up for a small to medium sized business. What do you think would happen if the CEO/President decided that increasing sales was the most important focus for the company, then put all focus on the Sales department, while practically ignoring all the other departments? I'm sure you would agree that the other departments would, at best, tread water and realize no improvement. In the worst case, the departments would fall apart due to lack of attention and of focus.
If this "sole focus" is true for a business, wouldn't it be true for your life as well? Unless you are one dimensional, you have several life areas, or "departments." If you focus all your efforts on just one department, the others will suffer. Your list may differ, but I believe that each of us have five life areas.
  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Financial/Career
  4. Emotional Health
  5. Spirituality
Many of us set goals in the areas of Financial and Health, while others focus to improving their relationships or their emotional state of mind. But like the business that focuses on one area, your life deserves a focus to all five of its areas.
How to do this? Actually, it is quite simple. It starts with getting clear about what you want out of life. Setting goals or intentions provide instant clarity (and also are a wonderful improvement for your Emotional life.) But then the next and most important piece comes into play: We must work towards our goals, everyday, in each of our life areas.
If you begin everyday by deciding what you are going to do to improve each area, and end each day reviewing your progress, you will make improvements to every facet of your life, everyday. Imagine the cumulative improvements over a year's time!!!
Every day, I re-visit my goals and write daily goals towards their achievement. Each life area has at least one goal that can be improved upon each day. On most days, I have a list of "action items" that, when completed, advance me towards the achievement of each of my goals. Even if I don't accomplish each action item, I still make progress. For example, for a typical day, I may have the following action items for my Health Life Area;
  • Eat Clean
  • Exercise for 30 minutes
  • Take dog for 20 minute walk
  • Walk with kids after dinner
By accomplishing any of these action items, I know that I made improvements in my health. And as an added time saving benefit, I often design action items that work on more than one life area at a time. In the above example, taking a walk with my kids after dinner improves both my Health and my Relationship Life Areas. Often times, I listen to empowering audio books while working out, improving Health and my Emotional Life Areas The combinations are only limited to your imagination and creativity.
Each day, get clear on your life goals and decide to improve each life area. Everyday!
T Patrick Phelps is the President and CEO of T Patrick Phelps Writing Services, Inc. He has worked with across many different vertical markets, and specializes B2B marketing, the Financial Services Market, and in writing highly effective and persuasive copy. Please visit for more information and to contact T Patrick Phelps.
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