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How to Control Your Anger

by Daniel Gibbs
Anger, a feeling experienced by every one of us, can manifest in many ways. This mental problem affects our physical health as well. Here you have a few simple steps to get over your anger.
Anger, a feeling experienced by every one of us, can manifest in many ways. Some will cry, or shout, or become silent. No matter how you show your anger, you may have tried to control your feelings, but failed. Here you have a few simple steps to get over your anger.
First, you have to take at least 20 minutes of break, to allow your emotions to calm down. You should be doing something else, and during this break, you shouldn't be repeating the conversation that made you mad as this will only get things worse. Try to think about your vacation, or read, or do something that makes your brain think about anything other than the conflict situation.
If you try to talk about the behavior that gets you mad, you have almost won the battle with your feelings. For example, if you your partner says something that makes you angry, try to describe your feelings to your partner. This way your partner will know what next time he shouldn't say.
If you remind yourself your goals, it will help you through difficult moments. You can write down what is your dream you want to achieve, and if you feel you start heating up, just look at your note. This trick works best if your goal is long term.
Very often the cause of anger is the belief that something important to you is threatened. It can be easier to manage your feelings if you identify the treat and remind yourself that it's not "all or nothing". If you don't handle well a part of your duties, it doesn't necessarily mean you are incompetent. Most of time the "all or nothing" way of thinking is responsible for your anger.
Then you may create a stopper: a mechanism that reminds you to stop something. Stopper can be a spot on your body that you pinch if you feel you have to be attentive about something. You will have to practice for a time the stopper technique, because your brain has to make a connection between the stopper gesture and the behavior you want to stop doing.
Some of these tips can be really easy to do, others require some practice. If you have a problem with your anger, you may observe that some techniques will work better than others. Behavior patterns will not change with a casual try. Getting your anger controlled requires some practice. 
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