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The Art of Public Speaking : Build Connection With Your Audience

by Simon Garmah
What does it really take to get you into the right side of public speakers? Well, this is exactly what you are going to discover through the DO-or-DIE tips in this crisp write-up.
Have you ever wondered what is the skeleton key the advanced public speakers possess and as a result stick out from the crowd? Do you really want to know?
First things first, a novice tends to make sure that every single aspect of his presentation goes as he has already planned and seeks to follow it strictly, so that everything goes according to the plan. His foremost concern is his performance as well as the way the audience look at him, whereas an advanced speaker has a tendency to shift his focus more and more on his audience than him or herself, subsequently, empowering his relationship with the audience, intenting in motivating, rousing and engaging his audience in a fascinating and absorbing manner. What's more, He notices moment by moment the direction of his presentation, in the meantime, responding to the messages and signals that he receives from the audience. Usually those kinds of public speakers have the flexibility to change and adjust their presentations on the fly.
So with all that said, what does it really take to get you into the right side of public speakers? Well, this is exactly what you are going to discover through the following DO-or-DIE tips.
  1. Convert your monologue into a dialogue.

    "I'm the leader here, and the folks in front of me are here just to listen to what im saying" this is one of worse concepts that a novice goes to the spot holding in mind. Actually,if you have ever done this, trust me! you do really need to consider changing it right now. Its well-known that establishing a rapport with your audience through conversations will surly determine the degree of whether your presentation was a success or not, so creating a speaker-audience connection will help you engaging your auditorium. This mission could be achieved through opening the floor up for some of your audience's members to pose their questions, now what you need to do is as follow:

    -Hold eye contact with the one who speaks, respond to him, then swing your eye contact towards your audience.

    -Do your best to be brief and to the point as possible as you can. A long answer will discourage the others to participate.
    -Use your answers to point out, Solidify and clarify what you've already mentioned throughout the presentatio
  2. Play with your body movement

    In the public speaking world, there are two weird kinds of public speakers. The first one are those who move right and left, right and left as though you are watching a tennis match, never see them at a standstill. This from one hand, from the second one, the other kind of speakers who seem to be as obedient as a baby. Stand in one place and never sacrifice to make a movement because they are afraid that any movement will attract more attention to them and as a result more anxiety. However,between the swiftness of the former and the quietness of the latter. reside a world of choices when it comes to impact your audience through the use of movement techniques. Read on..
Let us put it this way, well -belive it or leave it- the use of body movement vary depending on the size of your audience. If the number of your audience members doesn't exceed twenty or so, then this number does all the work for you because in this situation, body movement is not required whasoever. However,when the number goes beyond, you may consider leave your seat once in a while,.  This will reinforce the message"Hey,I am here to speak to you all. I care about you, I just want to let know that I wanna connect with you".

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