Time Management
Procrastination Cure

by Christian Charles
Completion of important tasks release stress, improves energy, has an overall positive effect on your health, provides you with more life energy, gives you a stronger ability to connect with influential professional people.... But...   (Solution inside!)
Let’s take a moment to learn about how you can begin to automatically do all the important things that you must do on a daily basis. Doing the things that you need to get done will immediately release stress and improve your energy, having an overall positive effect on your health. It also provides you with more life energy to be present with the important people in your personal life as well as giving you a stronger ability to connect with influential professional people, which will of course automatically increase your income and put you in a position where you are able to focus on what’s important and stop being distracted by things that don’t matter, but continue to hold you back in many areas of your life.

One of the absolute best ways to make sure you complete your top priorities is to make the important things you need to get done a habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning, so that you can do it with out even thinking. I just heard someone say, "Well, what if procrastination is my habit?" My answer to that is: Practice! Just like you became very good at procrastination or brushing your teeth, you can become very good at getting things done. We will use the magic number 21. It takes approximately 21 days in a row to make an activity a habit. If you are able to just practice your new activity for 21 straight days on the 22nd day you will do your chosen activity automatically from that day going forward.

So here is your recipe for success in a step by step format to help you cure procrastination. This will in turn release stress, increase your health & energy, and of course help you attract the people of influence, increasing your income:
1) Pick an activity (habit) that you would like to activate.
2) Pick a time that you’ll do this activity daily (I suggest first thing in the morning).
3) Mark your calendar with this activity for the next 21 days and remember to focus on doing your activity before taking part in any distractions like social media sites, voicemail, email etc. (I realize these things have become a necessary part of our lives, I’m just saying take care of your priorities before you start reacting to outside things).

Ok…It’s time to take ACTION right now so that you can begin to put this new habit into place immediately! Remember WHY you are doing this…to have more life energy, more money, more respect or whatever your reason is. Now, get a piece of paper or a journal and write out in specific detail exactly what your new activity will be, when, where, how, and what will be the expected outcome. If your new activity is meditation. When will you do it? What room and where in that room will you do it? What type of meditation will you do? What will you wear? What will be the effects of you creating this productive habit? After writing everything down, prepare your space for the next day, get everything that you will need ready the night before and then place a note where you will see it first thing in the morning reminding you to do your chosen activity. Finally, take a few minutes to actually see yourself completing your activity successfully. Many people have found that this approach is enough, but it's important to remember that focused action and daily practice is the key to your success.
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