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How Colors Can Affect You and Your Mood

by Jenny Dixie
How do colors effect out mood and how we are feeling? Yes... but everyone reacts differently to colors, you needs to experiment with colors and see how they affect you.
Everyone loves color. But what most people don't think about is how it effects out mood and how we are feeling. Many businesses are taking this into consideration these days and are very carefully planning which colors and which combinations to use in order to achieve certain feelings. This is very important to remember when you are picking out paint for your walls or even small things like the color scheme of your pc or phone. Keep in mind whatever you are looking at on a constant basis in your everyday life are influencing how you feel and how you perceive situations. Everyone reacts differently to color. There is no definite science to colors and how they will affect you, so you should experiment with colors and see how they affect you.

One good example is the color red. For some this brings out anger or frustration while in others is brings out passion. The shades of the colors also play a large role in how you react to them. I had a personal experience with this and the color red. I occasionally went to this little dinner around the corner from my house. Every time after a few minutes maybe 15 or 20 I would start feeling jittery and agitated...for no reason. Then it dawned on me, I was reacting to the colors. The whole diner was completely covered in bright fire engine red; I mean everything from the tables to the booths. Everyone can react differently but this was a good lesson for me, never paint anything in my house fire engine red. Here is a simple list of basic colors and how they will generally affect you and what they will bring out in you.

Black- Black is the color of Authority but it can also be a submissive color if it is worn as clothing. All black outfits can also be overpowering or seeming aloof.

White- White is the color of purity and innocence. White is a reflective color and reflects much light.

Red- Red has the most intense emotional response than any other color. Red stimulates and can actually raise your heart rate. It is also the color of love and passion.

Pink- Pink is the most romantic color. This color triggers a tranquil and easy state.

Blue- Blue is one of the most relaxing colors. This color actually causes the brain to release calming chemicals. Be careful because it can also be a cold and depressing color.

Green- Green is the easiest color on the human eye and can even improve vision. Green symbolizes nature and fertility.

Yellow- This color is considered an optimistic color. It is also the most difficult color for the human eye to look at. This can cause people to lose their temper more in a yellow room. But it can also improve concentration.

Purple- This color screams royalty. Purple also elicits luxury and wealth. However, it is rarely found in nature so it can also trigger feelings or artificial or fake.
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