Me Vs We

by Pete W. Zafra
If asked whether you are a "Me" or a "We" person, most people would say they are "We" people; but the answer is more action than talk-related.... and "Actions speak louder than words." Find out the importance and implications of your actions!
Are you a "Me" or a "We" person? Most people would say they are "We" people, but the answer is more action than talk-related. It's quite uncomfortable to be truthful if we're a "Me" person, but like the saying goes: "Actions speak louder than words".
In Network Marketing, it is extremely critical to be a "We" person if we want to experience any kind of success. "Me" people tend to alienate, and eventually, repel others around them. The most simple and straight-forward description for a "Me" person is: selfish and self-centered.
They only think about themselves and their well-beings and any act they engage in to help others is carefully planned. It is usually filled with motives that eventually boomerang back to their self-interests. "Me" people will not help people just for the sake of helping. They will only help if they feel insured that helping will get them what they want. Now who would want to be around people like that...long-term?
"Me" people are users. They use anyone and everyone around them for their own self-interests. These are the kinds of people who will lend you money when you're in need, but charge you exorbitant and ridiculous interest rates. Believe it or not, because of their massive and self-centered egos, they feel that in spite of charging these ridiculous terms, they're helping you out. In short, "Me" people are bad news.
"We" people, on the other hand, are helpful and accommodating. They're "local heroes" and leaders who genuinely help because they want to, not because of the ego boost and recognition they will get if they extended a helping hand to someone in need. They care more about others than themselves. A "We" person will jump on top of a grenade to save his or her fellow soldiers than run for his or her own life. Everybody wants to be around a "We" person. They tend to attract everyone around them.
Now, you may ask: "What do I do if, after careful analysis, I discover that I'm a "Me" person?" The most simple answer to that is: change. That's the only solution to what's called the CMS (Chronic Me Syndrome). Change your ways and get rid of Mr. or Ms. Ego. It's never too late for a new beginning...as long as we're breathing. What's the point to all of these? What do these have to do with life or Network Marketing? Just everything.
It is our sole responsibility to recognize who or what we are and immediately make the necessary adjustments to realign ourselves with the laws of man and nature. We only live once and it would be so sad if people celebrated instead of mourned when "the day" finally comes. I once read a quote from Sean Combs that said: "We only live once, but if we live life right, once is enough." That, in my opinion, is a very powerful philosophy. It could lead to unlimited possibilities and greatness if taken to heart.
Let's become a "We" person from this day forward. Let's not even think about it. Let's just do it. Let's fascinate ourselves and become a better person, no matter how good we currently are. Let's live our daily lives to help others, instead of the other way around.
It sounds very simple and practical, but the implementation of this way of life takes a conscious effort. Let's make it a daily goal to make someone smile. What I have noticed, making someone smile is actually a very selfish act. It makes us feel much better than the person who just broke a smile because of us.

If it's 11:45pm and we have not met our daily goal of making someone smile yet, approach the first person you see and say: "Excuse me, may I please (don't forget to say please!) ask a favor from you? It's really critical and time is short. I haven't met my goal today of making someone smile and it's almost 12am. Could you please smile for me?"
I know it's uncomfortable, but the last time I did that with someone, one thing led to another and that one thing eventually led to a referral for a home sale worth $550,000. Do the math. At 2.5% commission, how much did that uncomfortable feeling and off-the-wall act end up making me? The absolute beauty is I also gained long-term friends in the process.
To create crazy-good results, we have to be willing to do crazy-good things. When we make it a goal to make others happy, that very act will in turn make us happy. It sounds unbelievable, but it's as real as that monkey swinging from tree to tree in the Amazon. It's called the good LIFE...or something like it. Make it a great one!
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