Self Development
Commit to Your Goals... and Achieve Them

by Ashok Grover
Do you wonder why you fail to achieve your goals in spite of perfect planning and all resources? While it can be quite perplexing, the reason may not be very complex. Discover here, what is really lacking!
A saying goes like this – “If you want; and you can’t, it simply means you have not tried enough.”  In other words, if you really want something and are prepared to work to achieve the same, there is nothing that can stop you.
You want to achieve something, have made your goals and are even working in that direction. Now, can there be anything to stop you from achieving what you aim for? Certainly not, if and only if you are really committed to the same. Yes! It is the commitment that decides the end result.  You can not work half-heartedly to achieve something you have given your heart to.
Why not have a quick check if you are really committed to your goals:
  • Have you penned down your commitment?  There are numerous cases to stress on the importance of written down goals. Writing down your goals brings more clarity, makes them more specific and reinforces your personal ownership of the goals. It acts as a constant reminder. Reading your written goals often keeps you focused and encourages you to act decisively. 
  • To whom is your commitment? It is important to clarify to yourself that the commitment is made to yourself. If you want something for others or because others will appreciate it, you have a perfect recipe for failure. Remember, nobody works for anyone else. Even employees can achieve organizational goals only when they personalize and own them. So, make the commitment not to others, but to yourself.
  • Have you committed time to it?  Time, as you know, is a priceless, highly valuable commodity. If a goal is dear to you, you must set aside a timeslot devoted to it. It may be daily, weekly, whatever you have decided after carefully considering the requirements. Great goals can not be achieved by stray activities here and there in your ‘spare time’. Quality goals need quality time. You have to plan for it.
  • Have you committed required investment?  While there is no idea just throwing money away, the fact remains that nothing comes free. Depending on the nature of your goals and your own competency and skills, you may need some resources like books, products, equipment or coaching. Certainly purchasing any amount of these resources will not deliver the desired, it is equally important to have some minimum investment. If you want everything without making any investment, the results may be disappointing only. Simplest example can be when you want to become a good electrician; but are not willing to buy an electric tester.
  • Are you motivated enough to ACT?  Are you spending too much time planning? Are you bogged down by sheer size of the project before you? While it is not a good idea to move ahead without proper planning, it may be worse if you continue planning and trying to make a perfect plan. The success mantra is to start moving.  Aim for something practical, not perfect. And do you know the most auspicious time to take the first step? It is NOW.
What are you waiting for?
Ashok Grover, Founder CEO of Ashok Grover Consulting is an expert in people assessment and focused executive / leadership coaching. He is also Director at Skillscape, a company with a vision of Value Creation by enhancing people and organizational competencies.
His last assignment was with the JBM Group as Corporate Chief Human Resource Officer. He has four decades of experience in operations, materials, information technology and people development with Parle Group, Mohan Meakins Group, Hawkins Cookers Limited and JBM Group.