Self Development
Find Out What's Stopping You

by Len Williamson
If you want a promotion or the next big assignment, why don't you go and get it? What is getting in your way? It would be interesting and beneficial to find out what's stopping you!
If you want a promotion or the next big assignment to show your worth then why not have it? What is getting in your way? The best possible answer you can have to this is that it is you that is stopping you. It is a great answer because you have the most control over changing you. If it is you getting in the way then you can get you out of the way. Is it that easy? The part about recognising it is you is easy. The changing bit is the challenging part but with commitment it can be done.
The easiest explanation to the illusive promotion or big assignment is to blame the boss or some competitor getting in the way. You can sit back and enjoy your misery with a plausible and full explanation of what is getting in your way. Although it is easy it is so often not true and almost as often it does not help you. If you truly want your promotion you need to do some work on what it is that this will give you. Don't just focus on the money and status angle but explore what the promotion gives you if you get it. Do you get more satisfaction out of the new work you do? Does it build your skills and test you in ways you want to be tested? Can you do it if given the opportunity? Be really honest with yourself about the answers you give to these questions. They will give you deep insight on what it is about the promotion you want. These are the things that matter.
When you are clear about what the promotion gives you it is now time to explore where else you can get these same things. If you can only get what you want in one place then you are going to be limited in the opportunities that can be available to you. If there are a number of places you can get satisfaction then in going for all of them there is often an improved chance of you getting the promotion you wanted in the first place. You are now much clearer about what you want and what it will do for you. This will help you make yourself more attractive to people who are going to help you get what you want.
The key point of this article is that the best answer to 'what's stopping you' is you.
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